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Beauty begins the moment
you decide to be yourself.
-C O C O  C H A N E L

KIM | One of my dear friends had her colors done and at first was very disappointed. She was used to wearing very bright vivid colors that go along with her bright personality. However, when she started implementing her correct colors and style it was night and day! I'm a Master Esthetician and looking at faces is my job. Boy, did I notice a difference in her skin color; it looked vibrant and alive. I'd ask her if she had been in the sun because her skin tone looked so beautiful! She'd answer "nope, just wearing one of my colors." I was simply amazed at the difference the right color against her skin made. It literally made the tone in her face flawless. I also could tell her demeanor had changed and that she felt even more confident and good about herself.

Immediately, I wanted in on this great knowledge of what to wear and how to do it! Admittedly, I was still skeptical of someone I just met " telling me what to wear,” etc, etc! It's hard to accept that some of your favorite colors aren't the ones for you. It's kind of like a bad break up; at first you're sad and miss them and pretty soon you can't believe you would wear something so wrong! This has been life changing for me! I immediately found when I had on one of my "perfect colors" I felt more confident and gosh the compliments I got from family, friends, and even complete strangers was so surprising to me! Then I took inventory of my closet full of mistakes and noticed something else. The clothes that were my favorite pieces to wear happened to be my correct colors and I was already wearing them a lot. The clothes that weren't the right style and colors weren't getting worn at all. They were taking up space and had cost me money just to hang out in my closet. So I got rid of a ton of clothes and guess what? I now have room for things I actually look good in and feel great in. It takes a bit to find clothes in your color and style and it may seem overwhelming but I promise, it's a million times easier to shop and find clothes. Plus, I'm saving a ton of money on not buying shopping mistakes! I carry a small version of my colors and styles with me in my purse at all times. That way when I'm out and something catches my eye I can double check the color, easy peasy life is easy! I can definitely say this is one of the best things I've ever done for myself and I feel so much more confident and happy!

ESTON | As a guy, I didn't think about the colors I wore. Honestly, if it matched I figured I was good, but then I had the opportunity to get my colors done. I learned about what brought out my best features and my personality. It rocked! People see me differently now and in a better light and I actually enjoy the confidence it gives me. I know what colors bring out my assertive side versus my relaxed side, which is important if I'm meeting with potential clients in my business dealings. This product is not just for women; it's for people whose first impressions are important. It's for people who sell. It's for anyone who wants to know how to put their best foot forward. 

JILLIAN | A friend of mine had PSC do her colors a few years ago and I had wanted them to do mine since then. I reached out to PSC and I booked myself, my husband and both our girls (who are 4 and 6). I had been religiously following a different coloring system for four years before I met PSC. I was wearing very earthy-rich colors with heavy texture and bold jewelry and dressing both of my girls in completely the wrong colors as well. When I met with PSC about 9 months ago, they rocked my world when I was told I was subtle-blended, with classic and high-spirited essences! It was the complete opposite of what I had been dressing like. I’ll be honest that it took me a few days to process but as I have adapted to it, it has changed me and I now feel so much more real and comfortable. 


The biggest eye-opener for me and what finally clicked and made sense for me was learning about essences! In my prior system, the essences basically defined the colors you wore.   LOVE how PSC did my colors AND then my essences separate. It answered all of the questions and doubts about how my last system didn’t quite make sense. That has been a game-changer for me, especially with learning what my husband and my girls’ essences are as well. I love seeing how much better they look in their correct colors and I feel like it will be a gift for them to have this for the rest of their lives (especially through the awkward teenage years!)


I hired John to come go through my current wardrobe and help me learn more about my colors and essences.  It can be so overwhelming going through stores looking for the correct color and essence and having him teach me with my own clothes was really effective. We got rid of over two-thirds of my clothes but everything I have now works and I love it!


We have four people in our family and each one of us have a different color combination! We have one lively-bright, one earthy-rich, one subtle-blended and one striking-contrast! We are expecting our third girl and I can’t wait to have her colors done in a few years!  We had new family pictures taken this year and each of us dressed in our correct colors and everyone looks amazing!


Thank you so much PSC for sharing your knowledge with our family!

ANN | I bumped into John Kitchener at an energy healing conference in June last year and he did a quick little assessment, identifying the top three colors that were best for me. Strangely, these colors were not a big part of my wardrobe. So I added a couple of those colors and found that I felt different wearing them, better, like, I kept putting on those colors.   My energy was higher and I felt more confident some how. 

 I set up an appt. with John, Brook and Mariah for my assessment. Enjoyed the time with them, received my colors in a very well organized notebook and have since really enjoyed knowing what works best for me. Grateful for the education they offer, teaching me how to use the info given to fit my highest and best good as far as Fashion goes.  Shopping becomes so much easier! Knowing what is my color and my style essence has really helped me filter through so many things that don’t work for me.  I have a pile of clothes that are collecting dust now and a few key items that I wear over and over, and I feel so much better in them because they create a feeling of brighter energy, make my colors more vibrant, compliment and make my eyes pop.   I am so grateful for this knowledge that I have received from John, Brook, and Mariah. I highly recommend their services to those I love.  Totally worth it!!! 

ANDREA | I am so grateful I had this color analysis done. I had 3 closets full of clothes and never could find anything to wear. Now I can mix and match them with everything. I don't just buy things on sale. I can go through a store and find what I want quickly. I know exactly the colors I'm looking for. I will be honest, I did not like my colors at the beginning...I resisted it for a while. I like to wear really bright colors and now I was stuck with autumn colors. I have embraced it and I can feel the difference when I'm wearing the right colors. I am grateful for the time and money this has saved me. I highly recommend it.

TAMEE | The things I have loved about this system is that it saves me time. Either go in or walk past a store I don't waste my time looking at clothes that really don't work for me. So I have saved time. Second I feel better about myself when I wear my colors. When I wear my power colors, I feel amazing and I KNOW they are my power colors.  Things that I wasn't expecting to learn from this is it has changed how I look at the world and how I look at the seasons and all the colors that are in them. I've also been able to save money because I'm not buying the clothes that didn't work for me anymore, that I would never wear The people that I worked with are amazing people, are friendly and they're always willing to answer my questions I am so grateful that I did this. And I'm going to get my whole family done. I cannot imagine the power that I can give my daughters by helping them dress in their colors that give power. I am also giving this to my son. It helps me to understand myself better and my kids better. 

MECHELLE WINGLE | I had such a great time with John, Brook and Mariah. They empowered me to be myself and taught me how to express it with clothing and color. The wide range of colors are so freeing and the essences are personal only to me. You can’t help but walk away feeling beautiful!  

​TERRY MERCER | My wife made me do this because she had done it and wanted it for me. I really don't care. But I will have to say I think I look really good in my new colors. She took all the clothes out of my closet and made me buy a new "warm colored" suit and get rid of my brand new "cool colored" suit. I didn't think there would be a difference, but I actually think there is. My wife is always commenting on how good I look.  I did like one thing. I turned out to be what they call 50% Natural in style. I think that means my wife dresses very dressy and I get to be just down home and easy going. And she is okay with that now where she wasn't before.

ROBIN JOHNSON | PSC has been amazing in helping me define my style and color choices. I have had 3 color analysis' done before from different companies and none of them came anywhere close to the personalized system PSC has to offer. It is BY FAR the most comprehensive color system available. Their ability to customize your color palette has been incredible for me. I love the way they categorize your colors so you know what to wear when you want to feel powerful, sophisticated, romantic, etc. The style analysis has helped me understand why I am drawn to certain fabrics and styles and given me the confidence to express myself through how I dress. I would highly recommend this to anyone wanting to feel more confident in your appearance.  

CATHIE SOUTAS | ​The Scottish poet, Robert Burns, wrote a poem entitled To A Louse. It is famous for the line, “Oh would some power the gift give us, to see ourselves as others see us.” I think of this quote when I think of John Kitchener, Director and Consultant for PSC. It equally applies to Brook Mercer and Mariah Bishop, who are professionally trained and qualified as consultants for PSC. We who live in Utah are so fortunate to have Brook and Mariah in our neighborhood. I found PSC a couple of years ago when browsing the “net” for someone who was knowledgeable about color and how it applied to fashion. Most of my adult life I trifled with various color/style systems, eventually becoming disillusioned. I understood the Munsell Color System well enough to see that PSC was solidly based on this scientific approach. The required professional and stringent training to become a consultant also caught my attention. So, I immediately signed up for an appointment with John Kitchener. As I have observed, the PSC program essentially “reads” an individual and describes all the “pieces” that constitute the unique whole. It is a process that reflects back to you what you are as if you were looking into a mirror and that mirror vocally defined what your “pieces” are and how they apply to you specifically and how to use them to enhance rather than distort the “you of you.” During my color analysis session, I sensed an innate recognition of the colors selected for me. They seemed familiar and settling. It was interesting to feel myself grow calm and comfortable as my colors were spread across the table. It felt like “coming home.” While analyzing my essences, I discovered they were not something I would have predicted, but again were familiar and recognizable. Most of my life I had depended on outside sources to dictate my style and somewhat how to “act.” So with expert and generous PSC guidance, I discarded some preconceptions and applied what I knew about my very own “pieces.” The process has been so enlightening. I realized why throughout my entire life, I was attracted to certain sights, objects, arts, music, activities, and people, etc. I have grown confident with both my color and essence harmonies and find myself joyfully able to easily put an outfit together, becoming more creative and knowing that outfit, for me, will be great. I am accumulating a wardrobe that I love and can wear on any occasion, one that is smaller by choice but much more effective and economical. I value so much knowing my hair colors and styles, what makeup to choose, and how to successfully accessorize. I love my colors. I love my essences. I love how they work together, how all my “pieces” work together so naturally and so beautifully. The gift “to see myself as others see me” does exist and I thank PSC ever so much for it!

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