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Would You like to know your Colors?

We would LOVE to show you

Fashion before and after

BEFORE | What do you see first? 

It is the bright pink top? The color

seems to wear her. It is too vivid.


AFTER | The warmth of the com-

bination is very harmonious with 

her skin and hair and contrasts 

beautifully with her eyes.

BEFORE | This much white is too weak of a look for her. It totally washes her out and does nothing to enhance her beauty.

AFTER | Look what color does!

She is spectacularly beautiful and it shows with her color and texture combination. Her skin now looks luminous.

BEFORE | Here is another outfit wearing the person. The color actually fights her skin tone for dominance.


AFTER | This is a very harmonious artistic combination for her Earthly Rich and Subtle Blended palette.

BEFORE | She looks totally washed out in the skin tone top. Skin tones make a client look vulnerable and undressed.

AFTER | Here the color and neutral combination empower her unique Classic and High Spirited Style.

BEFORE | This Striking Contrast Romantic woman looks too drab and lifeless. A neutral wardrobe will never bring forth her beauty.

AFTER | She looks radiant in the color, refined texture and soft style of this top. At PS&C you will learn the colors and what types of materials and styles work for you.

BEFORE | Wearing a predictable corporate suit and tie does not support his strength or aliveness.

AFTER | Here his refinement is much more in focus with an interesting shirt and tie combination. Instead

of looking stark, he looks approachable.

BEFORE | She was a fashion victim of wearing white shirts. This makes her skin, hair and clothing blend together.


AFTER | Without changing her makeup or the lighting, her true softness and beauty really comes forward. She exudes refinement

and confidence.

BEFORE | The oranges in her palette are more citrus than autumnal. The heaviness of the texture and V neck are dis-harmonious with her bone structure and fine skin.

AFTER | The fine texture and radiant color make her appear luminous and beautiful.

BEFORE | Skin toned clothes are completely unflattering for all complexions. Also, orange and peach are difficult for fair skinned people. 

AFTER | Adding a bright lipstick, a flattering blouse and sweater, she now expresses her engaging aliveness. Doesn't she look fabulous. 

BEFORE | The purple makes his

skin look too pale. He needs a more plum purple to look healthy.

AFTER | The warmth of the shirt is very harmonious with his skin and hair color. The blue is a power color for him and gives him vitality.

BEFORE | In this top the light bright effect of the print and colors does not support her visual strength.

AFTER | Her color comes alive in

this outfit of Earthy Rich. She looks healthy and more tanned. None of her make-up was changed. She

loves her palette of new colors.

BEFORE | This bright purple shirt is completely disharmonious with his warm skin tone.


AFTER | Happy Man! Great green and blues make him look alive and happy.

BEFORE | The contrast of bright and dark is good for her, but the yellows too bright for her skin tone.

AFTER | She is truly in-focus and in harmony with the flattering teal.

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