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Please do not carry your Palette Binder with you when you shop. Some of the swatches can fall out or - heaven forbid - you could lose your binder. 


If you would like someone to put together your Personal Style & Colors Carrying Case, we can do that for you. 


When it is done, it will look like a very good duplicate of your palette binder. You will love always having this with you. Sometimes it is a surprise when you find something for your wardrobe and you need to make sure it is a match. Carry your smaller palette and you will never miss out on that perfect colored piece you have been looking for.


This includes the Carrying Case Kit and our assembling your palette.



Let Us Put Your Kit Together For You

  • Fees and deposits for ALL services including gift certificates are non-refundable.

    • PLEASE JUST SEND THE PAGES OF YOUR BINDER WITH SWATCHES ON THEM. (None of the info pages or binder need to be sent.)
    • Shipping of the palette and case back to you is included if you only send your pages, and you are in the United States.
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