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Are You Angelic?

Often when we tell people they are Angelic, they look at us like, “Finally! Someone gets me!” Don’t be confused though, being Angelic in style doesn’t automatically get you a VIP ticket to beyond those pearly gates. Angelic as a style can show up in a few different ways - sometimes Angelic people do look like they are from another world, but other times they look like they come from another era, and others look like they belong in the sea. Any way they show up, it’s clear that they are out of this world.

The Colors

You might be sensing a theme by now, but no matter what your color harmony is, you can be highly Angelic in style. Angelic people tend to like lighter colors, and especially lighter fabrics, which can make even a deep red seem softer and lighter than a red made in a heavy wool.

The Otherworldly Angelic

This style of Angelic shows up in over extended lines and very light weight fabric. Angelic people don’t want to be weighed down with heavy knits or structured blazers; it would feel like an anchor keeping them down. Instead, they opt for the breezy, thin knit duster sweaters, the soft, floor length skirt, and the barely there shirts. If there is even the slightest breeze, their clothing will move. They are going to love all things diaphanous, luminescent, and lightly sheer. Angelics love flowing bell sleeves, things that shimmer or sparkle, and oil slick colors make the herald angels sing. Winged motifs are great for the Angelic style and you will often see them in jewelry, hair accessories, and sometimes clothing. Sometimes this will look like something you would find a Grecian God wearing; a wrapped and draped dresses, dainty crowns, and lightweight sandals. This style may remind you of fairies: the flight, the light, the refined sparkle.

Other Era Angelic

When you see this style of Angelic, you see someone that would fit right in at a Renaissance Faire or a reenactment from the early 1800’s. The bell sleeves on shirts and dresses, the corsets, and the drop waists seen during this era are great for Angelic people. Angelic men can wear vests and poet sleeve shirts, sometimes opting for a double breasted jacket with tails. They will also like monks hoods when they can find them. If an Angelic has some drama, they can rock the Steampunk style. Steampunk is a curious blend of other era styles mixed with industrial style technology. They use watch gears, metals, and glass in unexpected, costumey ways. It is one of the only times you will see an Angelic wearing anything weighty, and it is the influence of the Dramatic that makes it work.

The Mermaid Angelic

Just like the weightless feel of space, the weightlessness felt in water will appeal to this type of Angelic. Think of how hair just flows and floats like how kelp moves so easily with the current of the water. This kind of Angelic is going to love themes from the sea, like the lustre of pearls, the soft finish of sea glass, the iridescence of fish scales, and the organic shape of corals and kelp. Things like long, multi-tiered skirts, large scallop hems, and scale style patterns all fit well into this category. Tahitian pearls that are so luminescent and clothing that has that sort of iridescent finish will feel like home to this style.

Modeled by Tia Robinson

"Angelic style is lightweight, diaphanous, and otherworldly.!"

Have you ever stood in front of your closet and thought, “I have nothing to wear,” and no I don’t mean that time you went three and a half weeks without doing laundry. The problem isn’t that you have nothing to wear, the problem is that what you have to wear doesn’t fit who you are, and doesn’t feel good because of that. If you like the soft things, but not necessarily soft in an Angelic way, check back next week for Romantic. We’ll give you a hint, they really like soft and flowy things.

If you're not sure about your Style Essence just yet...maybe give us a call.

Brook Mercer & Mariah Bishop


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