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Are You Striking Contrast?

Updated: Sep 21, 2019

Striking Contrast is exactly what it sounds like - and more. People who are dominantly Striking Contrast wear the high contrast of light and dark colors better than any other Color Harmony. Color combinations of white and black, pale pink and navy, crisp yellow and forest green, or sky blue and navy, look simply stunning on these individuals.

Beyond the contrast that they so easily wear, they tend to lean toward clean lines and have almost a minimalist vibe; this can look very classic, even if the person does not have Classic in their essences. For example, a highly Natural, Striking Contrast person might like cargo pants, but the cargo pockets will lay flat, and look crisp, as opposed to a softer cargo pocket that looks full and slightly schlumped. Striking Contrast people will often feel uncomfortable in busy clothing - things with too many buttons, straps, or pockets.

Sharp “S” curves in patterns, neat prints, or even in the drape of a shawl collar look good on Striking Contrast. When wearing prints, they will be organized and simple; if a print gets too busy, they will feel like the print is wearing them. They like abstract designs because of the way abstraction simplifies and cleans up patterns and prints.

When it comes to fabric, the same sharp, clean, and simple principles still apply. They can wear shiny finishes like a patent leather boot or a hard leather purse. Velvet can be very light absorbing, creating very deep colors, and Striking Contrast people look great in them. Keeping their fabrics smooth keeps them happy.

If you love high contrast in your clothing and accessories, love clean lines, and favor simple silhouettes, you might be Striking Contrast. If you love them, but you aren’t quite sure if it is your dominant Color Harmony, maybe you should call us...

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