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Are You Eclectic?

When you think of Eclectic style you might think of your friend that can carry off any look or who’s house is a fun and unexpected mix of inherited lamps from her grandmother, couches she has specially upholstered in red polka dot fabric, and odds and ends she has gathered from her travels. Yes, Eclectic style is a surprising mix of elements, but the undercurrent of fun is what really makes the Eclectic style shine.

The Colors

Any colors within one’s palette can fit into an Eclectic style, but they will love mixing colors and patterns. They want to have fun, so it is rare to see them wearing monochromatic schemes or even a neutral outfit with a single pop of color. They will wear heart prints, plaid, polka dots, stripes (especially horizontal or diagonal), and even whimsical prints like rainbows, christmas trees, bats, unicorns, cacti, mustaches, and any other print that makes you smile because of its novelty.

The Style

Eclectic is just what it sounds like - a little bit of anything and everything. It’s putting surprising pieces together, like a moto jacket over a short lace dress, or combat boots with a refined blazer and slacks, or a ball gown made of leather, a bomber jacket made in velvet. These playful juxtapositions tend to make us look twice and the Eclectic will love that. They often have a vibe of, “Did you see what I did there?”

Screen print t-shirts are a go to favorite of the Eclectic, especially when they have a cheeky phrase on them. You might see a shirt that says, “Lettuce Turnip The Beet,” or “I’m a big dill” with a cartoon pickle, or “I love you to the endzone and back” or maybe a simple “Ugh.” They will pair these shirts with blazers or cardigans, jeans or skirts.

With accessories, they will be fun. Purses will be unusual, like a leather koi shaped bag, a purse that looks like a chinese takeout container, an old school rotary phone, or a wicker picnic basket. Playful is how Eclectic style rolls and they won't be bothered with anything boring. Shoes will be super fun by having whimsical prints or unusual shapes. For example, maybe the heel is the shape of a diamond or the toe of a loafer will have a surprising sharp angle from big toe to pinky toe. Printed socks are a great way for an Eclectic to show they are fun, even if they have to wear a suit.

Asymmetry is good for Eclectics because it can shake up an outfit. Maybe it’s a pair of earrings with one dangling spider and the other a stud of a spider’s web, or it’s a high low hemline, mismatched socks, or fingernails painted with one or two accented with glitter.

Modeled by Brook Mercer

"Eclectic Style is fun and whimsical!"

This is the last blog of our 7 styles. Can you tell which one fits you best? Do you think you fall into multiple categories? Most people fall into at least 3 styles, if not 4 or 5 styles. Woah, right? We are all unique, and all blends of styles and sometimes it can be tricky to figure out where you land. Lucky for you, we’ve had a lot of practice. If you want to know more, maybe you should call us…

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Brook Mercer & Mariah Bishop


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