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Are You Natural?

What do you think of when we ask, “are you Natural?” Do you picture being outdoors, hiking a trail, roasting marshmallows over a fire, or swimming in a waterfall? These things are not far off as many Natural Style people enjoy these things, but honestly who can say no to a toasted marshmallow? Anyway, when it comes to style, Natural people will like natural fabrics, they need to be comfortable, and their clothing needs to be functional.

The Colors

Natural colors are so much more than your average camo print would suggest. Any color that is in your Custom Color palette will work with a Natural style. The important thing is to hold out to find your beautiful colors. Highly Natural people tend to not care for shopping, and because comfort is their number one priority, they sometimes buy what’s comfortable, despite the range of khaki that dominates their closet.

The Style

Natural people like comfort and convenience. Their clothes will be machine washable because it is convenient. If carrying a purse, it will be cross body or maybe even a backpack so that their hands are free and useful. When shopping, they might check the front pockets of jeans to make sure their phone will fit; there is no such thing as a faux pocket for a Natural. If you see someone in cargo pants, they are probably Natural. If those cargo pockets are filled with all the necessities of daily life: swiss army knife, lip balm, wallet, phone, car keys, and more they are definitely Natural. When wearing a scarf, it is going to be a warm, functional scarf rather than a light, silk, accessory. Natural shoes are going to be comfortable; they will love slip-ons, and often with tennis shoes they will tie the laces just loose enough that they can slip them on too. Flip flops are good, but multifunctional sandals are even better; you know the kind you can wear grocery shopping, to lunch with friends, and then hiking up the mountain with your adorable rescue dog.

Natural people tend to like to play with textures and can handle heavier weaves too. Tweed and chunky knit sweaters are wonderful. Frayed or unfinished edges are great because they add texture. Jeans are a staple of a Natural wardrobe, especially loved when they become faded, worn, and torn. They will tend to dress in layers so if they are cold, they can add a layer, and if they are hot they can lose a layer. Bulkiness only bothers the highly Natural if it gets in the way of easy movement.. T-shirts, flannel, and jeans are a go-to combination for Naturals.

Athleisure is another favorite of the Natural because not only is it comfortable, but it also means they are prepared for whatever athletic fun comes their way. Jogger knit pants, yoga pants, basketball shorts, tank tops, stretchy jackets, basketball shoes, and baseball hats are comfortable and good options for a Natural. This is where a Natural will stray from natural fabrics, and embrace all things stretch. Stretch adds comfort to jeans, suits, skirts, jackets, and dresses.

Accessories for Natural Styles will have a purpose. They will only carry a purse if what they need can’t be put in their pockets. Sunglasses will be practical, and stay in place easily. Belts will be holding up pants, not slouching over the hips or defining a waistline. Hats will block the sun from their eyes, and won’t blow away with a slight breeze. Watches will be waterproof and multifunctional, not jewelry-like, telling only time. Jewelry is most often avoided by the highly Natural, but when they do wear jewelry, they will favor natural elements (wood, bone, shell, and stone) and a handmade look.

Modeled by Mariah Bishop

“Natural Style is functional and comfortable”

Natural style is casual and relaxed - does it feel like a good fit? Maybe you like to wear jeans daily, but never jeans with holes in them? We are all a blend of styles, and if Natural feels like it influences your style, but you like to be a bit more buttoned-up you just might have some Classic. Check back next week to see if Classic is your perfect, buttoned-up fit.

If you're not sure about your Style Essence just yet...maybe give us a call.

Brook Mercer & Mariah Bishop


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