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Are You Dramatic?

Yes, we all have our dramatic moments, “we’re all out of pistachio ice cream?! The horror!” What we are actually asking about here is about one’s Dramatic Style Essence. Dramatic style is bold and stands out in a crowd. People that are highly Dramatic in style really take time and work on their look to portray an image or idea that is quite intentional. Nothing about a Dramatic person is overlooked.

The Colors

Just like the other style essences, a Dramatic style can work with any Color Harmony. However, Dramatic people tend to pick bold colors.

The Style

Dramatic style is the one that will turn heads. People rocking their Drama will love asymmetry in their outfits, be it in a hemline, a sleeve, a hairdo, or even earrings. One of the phrases Drama lives by is having an “overextension of line.” Those sleeves that go very intentionally over the palm, or the collar that stands up into the hairline, or the slit in a skirt that goes up to the hip, or the slacks that are so long and so wide you don’t know if they are actually wearing shoes under them; those are all Dramatic. In addition to bold colors, they will like bold prints and patterns, leaning toward the austere rather than the busy; polka dots will be the size of a silver dollar, stripes will be chunky, plaids will be double or triple the regular size, animal prints will be “dangerous” like leopard or snake print, houndstooth will be giant, and florals will be bold and many of these patterns will be simplified or abstract. Large scale is very Dramatic, from buttons and zippers, to collars and cuffs, bigger is better for the Dramatic. Patent leather shine is good for Dramatic people and they will want it in their shoes, briefcases, purses, watches, and other accessories.

Dramatic people are often drawn to art, and their clothing will reflect that. The unusual and one-of-a-kind is their jam. The ultimate bad day would be wearing the same outfit as anyone else. Because of this, Dramatic style can sometimes look costume-like. Very over the top and theatrical are good ways to view Dramatic style. Capes, canes, and other theatrical clothing can feel like home to the highly Dramatic. Many of our clients that have Dramatic style will only have 10-20 percent; at this range, Drama isn’t nearly so bold. This shows up more in little elements of an outfit. For example, a plunging neckline, a chunky collar, or a long coat.

Modeled by Shelly McBride

"Dramatic Style is bold, often in your face, and serious!"

What is your Color Essence?

Do you ever see your friend wearing a jacket you simply adore, only when you try to wear it, something is not quite clicking? Your friend has different Style Essences than you, and anytime you try to wear the same thing, you are seriously rolling the dice on how you will feel in it. Now you know what Dramatic style is, does it feel like a good fit? If not, check out next week’s blog on Angelic. Who knows, you might be out of this world...

If you're not sure about your Style Essence just yet...maybe give us a call.

Brook Mercer & Mariah Bishop


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