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Are You Romantic?

Updated: Jun 8, 2019

Romantic style goes beyond enjoying a bouquet of red roses or a candlelit dinner at an exclusive restaurant. People who are highly Romantic in style will tend to be dressier in the daytime than your average human and will like lavish things. Expensive jewelry, designer clothes, fancy cars, and sumptuous food will make their hearts soar. They also tend to be quite tactile; they are the people running their hands over every item of clothing they pass while shopping for the perfect ensemble.

The Colors

Though they can wear any colors that fall in their personalized Color Palette, the Romantic comes to life in rich, deep colors. Reds, pinks, and corals are considered romantic colors in every harmony and Romantic people will be especially drawn to those, because of the way those colors enhance their masculinity or femininity.

The Style

Romantic style tends to be opulent; think of the lady at the gym wearing gold hoop earrings, or the one who never leaves home without all her makeup done, or the guy who has 30 more pairs of shoes than you do. They will be dressy, and think nothing of wearing ”evening” clothes out for brunch.

This style can show up in lacey, silky, or velvety fabrics. And these elements can be used in clothes from shirts and skirts, to shoes and accessories. The Romantic ladies will love their clothes to enhance their curves, so ruching, darts, wrapped shirts or dresses, and form fitting items will appeal to them. The Romantic men are more likely to soften their appearance with soft, tactile fabrics like suede, velvet, or silk while sometimes opting for a fitted look to show off their shape. Shoes will be a love of the highly Romantic. They will have dozens of pairs, and in their collection, sneakers or tennis shoes will be hard to come by. High heels are especially favored by Romantic women. Romantic people don’t mind showing a little skin, so higher slits in skirts, deeper necklines, or open backs feel very comfortable to them. Jewelry is more than just an accessory to Romantics, it is as essential to life as chocolate. They will wear earrings, bracelets, rings, necklaces, cufflinks, pins, and watches and they will very likely be blingy. When talking about Romantic style, we musn’t forget the hair. Romantics tend to like long hair, and treat it like their favorite accessory, perfectly coiffed.

Modeled by Cathie Soutas

“Romantic Style is tactile, sensual, and luxurious.”

You have probably seen Romantic types portrayed in advertisements for perfume or jewelry. You may sense that part of you is Romantic. But how much? To what extent does your most authentic style exude elegance, sensuality, and luxury? Or does Romantic not strike a chord with you? Maybe a velvet blazer and long curls are just not practical enough for you. Check back next week for Natural, who knows, maybe functionality is what makes your heart sing...

If you're not sure about your Style Essence just yet...maybe give us a call.

Brook Mercer & Mariah Bishop


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