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Are You Youthful?

Updated: May 31, 2019

You might confuse this question with looking younger than your age. In today's society there is a definite cultural push towards belying our years. Having a Youthful style has nothing to do with your age.

People with a Youthful style do tend to look younger than they are, but the essence is so much more than appearing younger. Youthful is all about the cute and adorable, the sweet and the innocent. The Youthful style tends to be drawn to the small things. The essence of this style that is found in the details.

The Colors

In simple terms, we have color. The way light bounces off of us creates a unique blend of color and style, well before we put clothes on! Just like tuning in a radio station to just the right frequency, we also need tuning in every so often. Our Colors fit into what are known as Color Harmonies:

· Striking Contrast

· Lively Bright

· Subtle Blended

· Earthy Rich

As a general rule, Youthful people tend to prefer lighter, sometimes pastel colors.

Often, we mix up Style Essences and colors that push outside our Color Harmonies. If you are in the Youthful style range and you combine that with your unique Color Harmony, you have the perfect Youthful balance. If you haven't found your unique Color Harmony yet, Mariah and Brook are trained specialists in this field.

The Style

Youthful is scaled down and tiny; tiny buttons, tiny belts, tiny prints. Youthful people are often drawn to opaque tights paired with shorts or skirts and higher hemlines that have that “cute” feel. Youthful is a cute, innocent style tending towards Jumper dresses and Shift dresses with no waistline. If their dresses do have a waistline it will be high like an Empire waist or baby doll. When it comes to necklines, Youthful people prefer to be a little more covered up. Crew necks and cute collar details like Peter Pan collars, sailor collars, and maybe even lace detailing are preferred choices. Cardigans, sweaters, and jackets are often worn cropped with cute details like puffed or cap sleeves, small ruffles, or delicate lace. Youthful shoes are typically flats, especially ballet flats with cute details like perky little bows, or small ruffles, or heart buttons. They also can wear Mary Janes and feel fabulous. Jewelry is typically delicate and sweet; choker necklaces, charm bracelets, delicate stud earrings all look great on Youthful people.

Not Just For Women!

This look is not exclusively for women. Men scale down their prints and patterns too by wearing small florals, thin stripes, or tiny polka dots. Youthful men wear bow ties, skinny ties, and skinnier suspenders. Even the collars on Youthful men's shirts will be scaled down. Like Youthful women, Youthful men will wear shorter shorts. For a more formal look, seersucker jackets and suits look great on Youthful men.

 (Image by Life According to Cactus Productions LLC  2019)
Modeled by Leanna Christensen

Feminine Youthful style is girly and sweet.

Masculine Youthful style has boyish charm.

What is your Color Essence?

Have you ever purchased clothes right off the rack that you just loved in the store but when you got home they really didn’t work? We are firm believers that tuning you into your Color Harmonies and Style Essences will help bring out the beauty that is naturally there.

So, now when we ask, “are you Youthful?” you might have a better understanding of what we mean. If you don’t feel the Youthful style spark, you might connect a little better with Classic, Romantic, or Natural. You might even be Dramatic! Watch for our next, very Dramatic post... you might be surprised…

If you're not sure about your Style Essence just yet... maybe give us a call.

Brook Mercer & Mariah Bishop

+1(801) 432-0156

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